"She is clothed in strength + dignity." Proverbs 31:25
Here at Oak + Ember Boutique, our mission is to dress women with confidence! We dream to help women feel beautiful - through trendy, classic, modest apparel. We also love to keep it comfy, because life is meant to be lived! 



Meet Shelby
"Clothes won't change the world, but the women who wear them will." -Anne Klein
I've always LOVED curating style. From memories of even my youngest years, I can picture myself carefully picking + laying out the next days outfit, paired with the perfect accessories to match. This love for style has transcended across time as I've journeyed through various seasons of my life. I've tried just about every style there is out there - I once loved my sparkly gold leggings and funky colored tops, and then the next season was all black everything. As a young girl, I loved browsing thrift shops for that one special find. I never followed trends necessarily (although I do love a good trend!) - I took what I had and worked it. It always amazed me how one shirt could be so versatile + create SO many looks. From then on, I was obsessed and still am now!
To me, clothes are so much more than a piece of fabric. They should make you feel beautiful + confident! When we are dressed in our best, we are happier + the world needs a little more happy. The memories you make while wearing your favorite soft T around a campfire. The first dress you wore on the very first date with your now-husband. The graduation party top you chose before leaving for college. Your first "splurge" on a pair of high-quality jeans. I truly believe style is an extremely important aspect in each of our lives. When a woman feels confident + beautiful, she is so much more excited to not just live a life full of average. And if I can help just ONE woman bring that inner beauty out + showcase it, it is 100% worth it. 
It all started when I visited Grapevine, a Dallas suburb. I was absolutely mesmerized by all the gorgeous boutiques, and the ladies who owned them. It was my first real "boutique" experience and it was like none other! It was real, hands-on customer service and the small-town feel just captivated me. From then on, whenever I traveled, I made sure to visit every small boutique I could find around the USA. From Nashville, Tennessee, to Tallahassee, Florida, to Waco, Texas, to Deadwood, South Dakota. My style inspiration is a mix of my travels + bringing a bit of that home. My passion lies in curating beautiful styles + helping the everyday woman find herself at home through fashion.

I reside in Waupaca, Wisconsin with my sweet husband Rich, baby boy Brayden, and our crazy black lab pup! When I'm not working, you can probably find me working out! I am an Ace Certified Personal Trainer + saying I'm obsessed with all things fitness/nutrition is quite the understatement! I love spending time outdoors and being in the water, whether that be lake or ocean! 
We would love if you follow our journey! Thank you for supporting our small business! 
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